You may find yourself in the middle of renovating your home or you’ve mustered up the willpower to clear out the garage you’ve been meaning to for years. You’re left with mountains of items to dispose of properly. The savvy thing to do is to rent a dumpster for all that waste, but you may not know where to start. Let’s look at how to choose a reliable dumpster service as well as how to avoid possible red flags when looking at hiring a dumpster rental.


This is perhaps the first thing you think about when looking for a dumpster rental service, and rightly so. A closer business is likely going to be less expensive than one outside your vicinity. You are also likely to get faster response times from services near you.

Affordable Prices Without Hidden Cost

Everyone is looking for a great deal to help with their needs. So, you also want a rental service with affordable plans and friendly customer service. Rental services can either bill by weight or offer flat rates. Certain circumstances can often result in you paying more than agreed. For example, overfilling a dumpster can result in additional costs, so can putting prohibited waste in the dumpster. Honest services will often tell you conditions that could incur additional costs. It’s advisable to find out all possible details and have an idea of the potential cost before reaching any agreement.

A Variety of Sizes

There are different types and sizes of dumpsters, each for a varying purpose. A construction site manager would probably need a different sort of dumpster from a restaurant owner versus a homeowner. You should always find out if a prospective dumpster service offers a suitable size and type of dumpster for your particular needs.

Eco-Friendly and Proper Disposal Methods

This generally involves a lower dependency on landfills and more on recycling. Most of the time, junk from homes, offices, and other places ends up in landfills. Due to the volume of organic waste they contain, landfills release concerning amounts of methane, a greenhouse gas, capable of damaging the ecosystems. These landfills also tend to pollute nearby water bodies and are quite unsightly. You should contribute towards environmental preservation by using a dumpster rental service that practices proper waste disposal methods and recycles waste that can be disposed of in this manner. Be sure to speak with someone about your environmental concerns.

Regard for Local Rules and Regulations

Few people know the rules and regulations concerning placing a dumpster on the street in their local area. These laws vary across local regions, cities, and states, and permit fees often have to be paid before dumpsters can be placed. It is imperative you find a dumpster rental service that understands the local laws, as a failure to comply with these can result in a penalty or fine.

It is also necessary for a dumpster rental service to place the dumpster and pick it up without harming your driveway or the roadway. No one wants their property damaged in the process. Also, damaging public roads can incur fines. Be sure the company you hire promises to respect your property and is insured for these types of liabilities.

Getting a Reputable Dumpster Service in Sun Valley, CA

If you live in Sun Valley and need professional dumpster service, look no further, as BG Big Box Service will provide for 10 Yard Dumpster Rental your needs. Whether you are a homeowner, restaurant owner, or even a contractor working on a site, call on us to handle your waste disposal while you focus on more important tasks.

BG’s Big Box Service is a family-owned & managed dumpster rental service that has been operating in the Sun Valley area of Los Angeles for over four decades. We’ve had extensive experience working for various customers in our years of service! With various style options of dumpsters to pick from, you are guaranteed to find the right pick for your specific need, and at guaranteed low rates, too. We do our part in environmental conservation with our eco-friendly trucks and green waste-disposal systems. Call or visit our website to get an estimate of the service you would need!

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