Cleaning up household waste can be a daunting task, especially when you have a lot of clutter to get rid of. Whether you are doing a small home remodel or just going through your belongings in order to declutter or spring clean, waste management can become an issue very fast. One of the options you have is renting a dumpster.

But is dumpster rental a cheap way of cleaning your household waste? Let’s look at the costs associated with dumpster rental to help you decide if it’s the right choice for you.

Factors That Can Determine Your Rental Cost

Rental Period

Most dumpster companies provide the services on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis. If your cleanup exercise is going to take a long time, it will be cheaper to agree to a longer rental period. Always ensure that you have a well-calculated timeline to complete your project so that you do not incur more costs for the extra days.


The cost of renting a dumpster will depend on the place that you are located in. A consumer based in a distant place from the rental company, or in a region where disposal fees are higher, will pay more. You should also check if there are any extra charges for the dumpster pick-up or delivery based on your location.

Large Projects

If you are planning major renovations or having major cleanouts in your home, it will be cheaper to rent a dumpster than to transport waste to the dump multiple times. Not only does each trip consume your cash with regards to fuel and dump charges but it also takes a lot of your energy. Renting a dumpster means you have a big bin that can be used to dispose of all the waste at once.

Time Efficiency

A dumpster on site can greatly improve your time management. Rather than having to stop what you are doing to transport piles of trash to the dump, you can just toss it in the dumpster as you continue with your work. The convenience of being able to discard garbage and other unwanted items without having to transport them elsewhere makes clean-up a faster process and is less stressful. This efficiency can make the rental cost worthwhile especially when looking at the time and energy that you would have used.

Ways to Save Money on a Dumpster Rental

Plan Ahead

Before you even look for a dumpster rental company, there are several factors that you need to consider first, such as the size of your project and the amount of waste that you expect to generate. This assists you in identifying the right size of the dumpster to use for your project. Sometimes if you rent a dumpster that is larger than what you require, you are likely to pay for the extra space that you did not use. On the other hand, if you rent a small one, then you might need to rent another one which is even more costly. Spend some time thinking about your waste and factors such as the size of the objects you are disposing of and the total amount of waste.

Dispose Responsibly

Another way to get a dumpster rental at a budget-friendly cost is to dispose of your waste properly. It is always preferable to classify the waste materials when possible. This can potentially decrease the amount of waste that you have to dispose of in the dumpster, decreasing your expenses. Most dumpster rental companies will give you a price depending on the weight or type of the waste, therefore making a separation of recyclable materials can help. Recycling reduces the amount of waste.

Dumpster Rental For Clearing Household Waste

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