As the Earth’s population continues to grow, so too does the need for safe, efficient, and environmentally-friendly methods of waste management. Fortunately, modern scientists have come up with several innovative methods that allow consumers to get rid of garbage while keeping the Earth clean. From recycling to bioremediation, here are the top modern methods of waste management:

Recycling and Composting

Out of all of the modern methods of waste management, recycling and composting are by far the most popular. In fact, it may be unfair to label these methods as modern, as humans first began composting in 2,300 B.C. and recycling in 1031 C.E. Regardless, recycling and composting are both excellent techniques for getting rid of specific types of waste.

For example, recycling is one of the best methods for getting rid of plastic, as it converts the notoriously long-lasting material into a new product for consumption. Similarly, recycling can also be used to refurbish old metal, plastic, and paper. However, recycling is not an effective method for eliminating items such as food waste or single-use plastics. Therefore, while recycling is an excellent waste management technique, it needs to be paired with other management methods such as composting to reach its full potential.

Whereas recycling helps eliminate man-made garbage, composting is excellent at getting rid of organic waste. This method involves adding water to items such as tree clippings, fruit peels, and coffee grounds to create a rich mixture called compost. Not only is composting great for the Earth, but it can also be great for your garden, as compost can significantly improve plant growth. However, composting can be somewhat time-consuming, and not all items can be composted. Therefore, if you would like to try composting at home, you should read up on the practice beforehand to ensure your compost bin doesn’t turn into a safety hazard.

Incineration, Gasification, and Bioremediation

Unfortunately, certain modern materials are highly resistant to composting and recycling. Thus, waste disposal companies have had to come up with new methods of environmentally friendly waste management.

One popular method is incineration, which can be done on a surprisingly large scale. Incineration is beneficial to the planet in that it reduces waste mass, produces energy, and allows for the destruction of harmful germs. However, the incineration process can be rather expensive, and if it is done incorrectly, it can produce harmful gasses.

Interestingly, a relatively new waste management method called plasma gasification may address these problems. This technique involves adding plasma to incinerated products, which leads to the production of a harmless slag. Although plasma gasification does not necessarily reduce the cost of incineration, it ensures that the process does no harm to the environment. Additionally, it can be used to create fuel, which could potentially make it a viable source for clean energy.

Another new method for waste management that has gained popularity in recent years is bioremediation. This method, which is particularly good at eliminating hazardous waste, involves adding microbes to disposed materials. Over time, these microbes break down the waste, converting it into a non-harmful substance. Unfortunately, this method takes quite a bit of time to be effective, which means that it is not as viable as other waste management techniques.

Sanitary Landfills

Ultimately, there are some materials that cannot easily be recycled, composted, or incinerated. If you come across one of these materials, the best way to dispose of it is by taking it to a sanitary landfill. Sanitary landfills differ from regular landfills in that they purposefully layer trash in ways that prevent erosion and protect groundwater reservoirs.

Although landfills are not inherently environmentally friendly, sanitary landfills take extra steps to help keep the Earth clean, making them a decent choice for the management of difficult waste.

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