Renting a dumpster is an excellent option to quickly remove a big volume of trash or garbage from your house, rental properties, or office. There are numerous reasons to rent a dumpster if you need to dispose of a huge amount of garbage, but there is a method to keep them clean.

Even if you only plan on keeping the dumpster for only a week, it can get really dirty. Many dumpster renters do not believe their dumpster would become filthy quickly. However, depending on the amount of waste you are generating, you might have to deal with a lot of dirt or grime, mold from old furniture, or a lot of ugly insects and worms if your trash stays out in the rain.

Also, note that if you return a dumpster that is filthy, smelly, and unpleasant, you will be charged an additional cost.

All that said, let us start with the tools you will need for a solid dumpster cleaning. Assemble these tools to make the process easier:

  • A cleaning solution like water, vinegar, and soapy water, chlorine bleach, a citrus-based or a pine-based cleaner
  • A hose with a pressure nozzle
  • Pressure washer (optional)
  • An old mop or a tool for scrubbing

Also, wearing the essential protective gear, such as gloves, masks, and google as dumpsters can be a hub for all kinds of dreadful things.

How to Properly Clean the Dumpster

Below are the steps to take in cleaning your dumpster:

  • Arrange the Interior: In cleaning a dumpster you need to thoroughly clean the container’s interior. When the dumpster has been filled with garbage, lingering awful smells can get stuck inside. You can arrange for a dumpster pickup with your local waste disposal provider to guarantee that there are no objects that are producing awful smells. You’ll then be able to begin cleaning the interior of your dumpster as soon as cleared.
  • Bleach and water should be used in cleaning: You should wash the inside of your rental dumpster using a mixture of bleach and water to ensure that it is fully clean. After you’ve cleaned out the inside of your dumpster, fill it with about six inches of clean water. Then, sanitize the interior with two cups of bleach. Drain and rinse the dumpster after allowing the solution to soak for half an hour.
  • Leave the Dumpster to dry: After you’ve cleaned and rinsed the inside of your dumpster, the following step is to let it dry entirely. You can avoid the creation of bacteria and mold by drying up the dumpster’s interior. You can keep your dumpster clean during your rental duration by following these simple measures.
  • Obtain the Appropriate Garbage Bags: Now is the time to convert to durable garbage bags if you haven’t already. Garbage bags that are well-tied keep dirt and odors out. If your bags leak or scents escape, you might need to upgrade to a more durable bag. When you throw your bags in the dumpster, they may break open.
  • Don’t allow animals to get inside the dumpster: In pursuit of a meal, rats, feral cats, and raccoons frequently enter containers such as dumpsters. There are a variety of raccoon repellent and rat-proofing measures available to help in keeping rats and raccoons out of your trash and ensure your dumpster is clean. Composting organic waste will keep rodents out of your dumpster since food invites them to raid the trash. To deter animal invasions, buy motion-sensor lights or you can use taste-deterrents like cayenne pepper or peppermint oil. Flies moving around trash are common, but they may also be a nuisance.

Acquire the Right Waste Disposal and Management Containers

Consider purchasing extra containers specialized Clean Dumpster in disposing of exceptionally dirty, wet, smelly, oily, waste or garbage that could make the dumpster disgusting or even destroy it, or higher quality trash cans that can manage them.

Get dedicated trash bins, compost, recycling to help segregate any waste that could make your dumpster unclean, such as food leftovers, yard waste, and recyclables, to help keep your dumpster clean.

Keeping your dumpster clean can still be a rather Herculean task, especially if you do not have the time. At BG’s Big Box Service in Sun Valley, CA, we are here to offer you a variety of services as regards your dumpster needs. Give us a call today!

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