Nobody likes a cluttered home. Not only is it embarrassing when company is over, but it can make life more complicated by making it hard to find items or to even function in your own home. A cluttered home can impede your way of life, and it can also have a negative effect on your actual physical health as well. Read on as we explore the different health issues that decluttering can alleviate and then we will discuss the benefits of decluttering and how a rented dumpster can play a huge role in improving your life.

Health Benefits of Decluttering a Home


Allergens can be found in any home. In a home that is neat and tidy, you can easily sweep or wipe any dust, pet hairs, or other allergens. However, in a house that is cluttered, allergens can easily make their way behind, under, or on top of the items in the house.

Another way that a cluttered home can affect someone with allergies is by limiting the air in the house from circulating. A home that does not have proper circulation is at a great risk of developing a mold issue. In warm and humid homes, mold can grow behind piles of junk.

Sleep Quality

Believe it or not, a cluttered home can lead to poor sleep quality. Studies have shown that just existing in a cluttered environment, especially a bedroom, can make it difficult for you to sleep. There is a lot of stress, depression, and anxiety that people who live in cluttered environments experience. If you find yourself having sleeping issues with no other likely cause, it could be because your home needs to be decluttered and kept clean and clear of unnecessary items.


Living in a cluttered home can leave you and your family feeling an overall decline in mood and happiness. As mentioned above, there is scientific proof that living in an environment where you see, trip over, or have to move clutter everywhere can have a direct impact on your mood. After living in clutter for a while, you may begin to see your mood and the moods of your family members dropping drastically. Clutter can also make people feel irritable and create tension within the household.

Physical Activity

Decluttering your home can be great exercise, especially if you’ve been a little on the immobile side. All the moving around to gather, organize, lift, and carry items can be a great way to incorporate some physical activity into your day. Instead of trying to get all the decluttering done in one day, you may find it more tolerable if you break it down into certain tasks or rooms and spread the work out over the week or month. Just keep in mind that whenever you are working on your cluttered home, you’re killing two birds with one stone: decluttering and exercising.


While you’re decluttering your home, you’re bound to come across multiple items that you no longer need but are in too good of shape to toss out. You may find this to be the perfect opportunity to make a little cash. Consider having a yard sale or listing valuable items online.

To simplify matters, carry around 2 trash bags: one for trash and one for sellable items. It is also not uncommon to come across brand new items that are still in the box or still have the store’s tags on them. Check with the store to see if they will accept the item as a return. If not, simply add the item to the sellable pile.

The Benefits of Using a Dumpster Rental Service

Decluttering a home can lead to stacked up trash quicker than you can handle it. You may come across Residential Dumpster Rental Service boxes or large broken items that cannot be placed in trash bags. When this happens, you may quickly find yourself with a pile of junk that you’re not sure what to do with.

Some city trash removal services may provide certain days of the month or year in which they will pick up large items but this can leave you with piles of trash while you wait for the specific days.

Renting a dumpster may be the best solution for you. Most dumpster rental companies are fairly flexible in how many days you need it on your property. You may be able to get it all done in one day or you may prefer to have it around for a few days so you can toss stuff as you go.

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